The CSS Diet System

The GLP-1 medications like semaglutide have become widely recognized for their effectiveness in reducing appetite, which in turn helps people eat less and lose weight. However, these benefits often reverse when the medication is stopped, and old eating habits may resurface, leading to weight regain. The CSS Diet System, which stands for Colors, Shapes, and Sizes, takes a different approach. It doesn’t depend on medication to control food intake. Instead, it equips you with the knowledge and practical tools to encourage lasting lifestyle changes through mindful portion control. The beauty of the CSS system is that it allows for a diverse range of everyday foods, including some of your favorite dishes. The system’s scientifically crafted dinnerware is designed to guide you and your family toward healthier eating habits subtly and sustainably, without straining your budget. This is what we call “Celebrating Semaglutide Success” – the shift away from reliance on medication to natural, self-managed portion control.

The Method

In his influential book “Mindless Eating,” Brian Wansink shares insights from his research on how our eating environment can significantly affect the quantity of food we consume. Drawing from these findings and other scientific studies, Dr. Gary Pepper and a team of nutrition specialists meticulously developed the CSS dinnerware and accompanying eating plan. The design leverages natural cues that signal our brains to eat less, making the process of consuming smaller portions feel instinctive. Moreover, the team has ensured that integrating the CSS system into daily life is both straightforward and enjoyable, preserving the joy and rhythm of mealtime traditions

Our Team

Gary Pepper

Dr. Gary Pepper is a distinguished endo-crinologist with a career spanning over 40 years, encompassin roles as a clinician, educator, and researcher

Sherry Collier

Sherry Collier, RD, LD, brings her extensive 20-year expe-rtise in adult weight management and clinical nutrition to our team, serving as a nutrition consultant in the
Atlanta, Georgia region.

Jessica Cook

Jessica Cook, MS, RD, LD/N, is a dedicated and licensed dietitian with a focus on clinical nutrition, helping
to guide our dietary strategies with her specialized knowledge.

Monika Lambertson

Monika Lambertson, MS, RD, LD/N, contributes her expertise in medical nutrition therapy, particularly for diabetes and weight management, to the CSS approach.

Lynn Berkeley

Lynn Berkeley, an innovative artist, has applied her creative skills to the design of our vibrant and functional
dinnerware, making the CSS experience not just effective but also visually appealing.

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